Felm project and design

Through the appropriate use of technical standards, calculations, specifications and drawings, the dimensional and functional definition is reached, as well as the qualification of the procedures necessary for the production and installation of the electric motor.
The element that currently connects the various design areas is often the use of the CAD (Computer Aided Design) platform, which constitutes a sort of common language in most activities traditionally related to technical design.


Thanks to a concentration of knowledge, actions, methodologies and tools, FELM can organize and produce specifications for the execution of ELECTRIC MOTORS for any type of application. The continuous changes, the development of research, the constant updating have contributed to widening the range of electric motors available, favoring a direct relationship with customers with the aim of customizing the product capable of satisfying the most sophisticated needs.
The careful specialization, flanked by acquired experience in the sector, have allowed us to deal with different design situations in a professional way.


FELM has organized itself with a flexible structure able to quickly satisfy any request.
Thanks to the contribution of its engineers and technicians, who have gained a great deal of experience with the most important industrial companies, it is able to process drawings, curves, provide customer-specific type tests, give advice and prompt answers

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