The designing is the phase of a project which, with the use of appropriate technical standards, calculations, specifications and designs, leads to the dimensional and functional definition.
And the qualification of the procedures necessary for the production of an electric motor.
The element that currently embraces the various design aspects is frequently the use of the CAD platform (Computer Aided Design), which makes up a type of language which is common in the greater part of activities traditionally linked to the technical design.

Thanks to a concentration of knowledge, actions, methods, and instruments, FELM can organise and produce specifications for the execution of electric motors for every type of application.
Changes, developments in research, have contributed to enlarge the variety of electric motors available giving a direct relation to the customers with a focus on the personalization of the product and the satisfaction of personal requests

It is thanks to an accurate specialisation, together with an intense and progressive experience in the sector, that today we can produce specifications for each type of application

FELM is organised with a slim and flexible structure made up of engineers and technicians who have built up a long experience with major industrial companies. All of this means that our technical office can satisfy any requests and prepare designs, curves and type tests according to customer specifications